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Volumetric Stainless Flexible Impeller Pumps, are mostly suitable for the transfer of delicate, fragile and viscous medium, also with solid parts in suspension


The AD Flexible impeller pumps are widely used:


In the oenological field
Stemmed grapes, wine, must, e.t.c
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In the chemical industry
Paint, ink, water based glues, rubber latex, glycerine, wax, emulsion starch, liquid for photograph process, industrial discharges, polyelectrolyte, detergents e.t.c
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In food processing
Honey, yogurt, beer, fruit pulp and juice, glycose, brine, syrops, melted butter, liquid sugar, eggs in liquid form, tomato pulp e.t.c
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In cosmetics industy and in the production of pharmaceutical products
Cleaning lotion, cream, shampoo, liquid soap, e.t.c
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Flows: Up to 56.000 litres/hour
Viscosites: Up to 75.000 cp
Temperature of fluids: Up to 90C
Max. differential pressure: 3 Bar


The AD series pumps can be:
Supplied with a “BY PASS” allowing regulation of pump capacity in accordance with the needs of the user.
Supplied with DUAL Motors
Supplied with Frequency Converter
Supplied with Mechanical Variator
Supplied with bare shaft
Supplied with Dry-Running Protection


Mode of operation-Advantages


Basic pump characteristics

The Positive Displacement Flexible Impeller pumps, defuse the vane at the suction side. As a consequence, an intense vacuum is being created and we have the possibility for automatic suction from a depth of 6 m from a dry position.
The vanes at the discharge will slightly bend, with the result being the medium to be transferred towards the exit. That way, we manage the smooth transfer of the medium at the exit without a pulse.


Self priming
Self priming of the product up to 6m, even from a dry starting point within a few seconds.



Reversible operation
The pump can work in both the 2 directions of operation with interchangeof the flow of the liquid inside the network without a problem, as many times as we want with a simple interchange of the
motor direction.




Suitable for the transfer of delicate and viscous liquids
up to 75.000 cps, even with solid suspension, without any wear out or damage.




Smooth and steady pumping of the product without
pressure from the spikes (even flow rate is ideal for filling, dosing or filtration)



Complete range 

   AD  Model


AD Bare shaft Pumps


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AD advance series


AD-Flexible-impeller-pump -CENTRAL3

AD Classic series


AD-Flexible-impeller-pump -CENTRAL4

 AD Variator – Inverter series






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